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  • Quick, Easy & Effective

    On-demand waders means you only have to use them when you need them. Turning the EverWade from rain boot to wader only takes 3 simple steps:

    1) Loosen and fold down the pocket.

    2) Roll the sleeve up your leg.

    3) Fasten the sleeve to your leg using the pull cord and elastic band.

  • Waders On-Demand: Patented Waterproof Technology

    The applications for having on-demand waders are endless, and thanks to the patented design of the EverWade,  it is 100% waterproof. Even if you find yourself not needing the wader functionality of the EverWade often, you will still have confidence in knowing that in just a few seconds you can transform them into leg high hip waders anytime.

  • Unrivaled Protection

    Wade-4-it's EverWade wasn't developed overnight. It took countless hours of research, design and testing to create and perfect the EverWade. Our boot has stood up and surpassed our barrage of real life, in-field tests:

    Submersion Durability Test - Wade without concern that your boots will leak, thanks to our PVC welded sleeve

    All-Terrain Capability Test - Whether you are trudging through mud or grass, the EverWade's treads were designed to keep you moving forward

    Durability/Strength Tests - The shell of the boot is made from PVC, a very durable and strong thermoplastic polymer. This ensures you can always enjoy the great outdoors without worry.

  • Farmers, Anglers, Hunters, and Outdoor Enthusiasts...

    We designed the EverWade with you in mind. The day may present different challenges, but the versatility of our boot ensures that the EverWade is always ready for whichever terrain and conditions you may come across.

  • Incredibly Compact

    You may not always be able to predict the terrain you will encounter. That is why it's so important to be prepared for anything. Neatly rolled up and safely stored in the boots pocket is a hip length waterproof sleeve. Simply roll it up your leg when you encounter any deeper conditions and roll it back down when you are done. 

  • Walking In Water Made Easy

    You may have experienced this with traditional hip waders:

    "As you are walking into deeper water and you start to feel like you are being pushed up out of the water. The deeper the water, the more you start to lose balance and struggle to find sure footing. Eventually you are forced to turn around or risk falling over into the water."

    This is because of the air trapped in the waders, which creates buoyancy. With the EverWade, we carefully designed the sleeve out of thinner material that doesn't sacrifice strength. This allows the pressure of the water to force the air out of the boot and sleeve, creating a comfortable fit around the foot and leg. 

EverWade's are for: Enthusiasts

The EverWade is perfect for hikers, campers, conservationists and anyone who enjoys the great outdoors. The unpredictable nature of the wilderness adds to the enjoyment of an outing, but we know that a soaker can immediately change the atmosphere. That's why with the EverWade you will be prepared for all the fun nature can throw at you, without the soggy footwear.

EverWade's are for: Farmers

Rain is a good thing! The mud it brings along with it, however,  can be a nightmare for tractors and other heavy equipment. This all results in you having to step out in that mud in hopes that your boots are tall enough not to get swamped. With the EverWade, you can be confident knowing that your footwear will keep you going until the day is done. EverWade's are designed to be lightweight, durable and comfortable, all with the benefit of having waterproof leg protection on demand. Whatever your daily tasks entail, we know the EverWade will be there; so you never have to worry about your footwear keeping up.

EverWade's are for: Anglers/Hunters

Often times the hardest part of being a hunter/angler may be reaching your destination, but the best stories can come from the memories you make along the way. The potential challenges that ensue. A stuck ATV, multiple river crossings, a muddy portage in a swamp...and a few hours later, you finally get to your planned location. If not for the EverWade's you were wearing, you would have some pretty dirty pants and a pair of very wet boots. Here at Wade-4-it, we want you to keep creating those memories, but leave out the footwear fails. Get out any enjoy your outdoor sport of choice in comfort and keep making memories.

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