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Welcome to our site, our work and our dream; welcome to Wade-4-it. We are a team of avid anglers, outdoors enthusiasts and passionate environmentalists who have created a patented product we feel is truly revolutionary: The EverWade.

Our team has invested countless hours into the innovation, development, testing  and manufacturing of our product. Through our research and development, we have been able to make the boot and sleeve 100% waterproof. We have eliminated the bulky and heavy neoprene/rubber molded process that exists in other waders, and replaced it with a two step one boot welding process. We start with a permanent waterproof weld of the pocket to the shell of the boot, then applying the same welding process to the sleeve, which eliminates all taped/stitching seams. This patented innovation makes "EverWade Hip  Waders" truly 100% waterproof. Experience the superior comfort and waterproof technology within our EverWade line of footwear.